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An application server for Scala apps.

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What is Escalante ?

Escalante is a Scala application server, based on the popular JBoss Application Server 7. Escalante aims to provide an environment for deploying and running Scala applications that is easier to use and more efficient than existing solutions.


What is Scala ?

Scala is a programming language for the Java Virtual Machine designed to write programs in a concise, elegant and type-safe way. It combines both object-oriented and functional programming models, enabling developers to be more productive.

Why should I develop in Scala?


OK, I want to learn Scala, where should I start?



What is Lift ?

Lift is one of the most mature web application development frameworks written for the Scala programming language. It has been designed to build sophisticated, rich and vibrant web applications using Scala, a hybrid programming language incorporating both functional and object oriented capabilities.

Why develop web applications using Lift ?

Lift has been particularly developed for those web developers who want to build highly interactive, real-time web applications that push data to the browser when needed, without users having to send requests to the server. Lift uses technologies such as Comet or Ajax, to be able to build this type of applications.

Security has been a major design goal for Lift creators, and this is reflected in the fact that Lift web applications are protected against SQL injection, CSRF (cross-site request forgery), XSS (cross-site scripting) , and many other attacks without web application developers needing to do any extra configuration or work.

Since Lift is built on top of Scala, it enables development of web applications that are very concise, and Lift itself comes with a lot of utilities that help web developers build applications with less code.

Based on an architecture designed around well-formed HTML5 or XHTML template views and snippets that get injected into the templates, it offers a clear separation between the work done by web UI designers and web developers. This guarantees that designers won't introduce problems as a result of modifying web framework specific code within template.

FourSquare or Montreux Jazz Festival are examples of companies that have developed Lift based web applications. These applications are subject to enormous traffic spikes, and are living proof that Lift applications are scalable and resilient.

To find out more about developing Lift applications, Lift In Action book offers a comprehensive, detailed guide to writing Lift web applications following best practices.

Why deploy Lift applications on Escalante ?

Escalante allows you to deploy Lift web applications in a way that optimises the size of the deployment and the memory consumption at runtime, both of which are of paramount importance. Escalante does however still allow you to deploy standard Lift applications. For more info, check the documentation.

Play Framework

What is Play Framework?

Play Framework is a popular, lightweight, stateless Scala web framework that's build on Akka and enables highly-scalable applications.

What version of Play Framework can be deployed on Escalante?

Only Play Framework versions 2.1 or above can be deployed.

Are Java Play web applications supported on Escalante?

No, Escalante only focuses on deploying Scala Play applications.


What is Vaadin ?

Vaadin is a server-side java java web application framework. The UI is built on the server-side by composing components, using any JVM language (no XML needed). On the client-side, Vaadin uses GWT to render the UI in the browser as pure HTML, CSS and javascript. To find out more about Vaadin, visit their FAQ.

What is Scaladin ?

Scaladin is a wrapper that makes it easier to use Vaadin Framework with Scala programming language.


What IDE should I use to develop applications for Escalante ?